About Us

It’s in our name, in our business practices, in our unmatched quality of products and customer service. Dentamaze comes from the combination of words “dental” and “amaze”, because that’s what we’re constantly striving for: to amaze everyone with the great dental solutions we provide.
We offer dentists in Jordan and surroundings dental products, supplies and equipment, in order to make their practice seamless and simple. We offer them the latest technologies on the market along with a top-notch filed sales and account management.
In 2019 we helped over 500 dentists in the Jordan market, even though our team is comprised of only a little more than 10 employees. That’s how ambitious we are. We have big goals and we’re not planning on stopping until we reach 1500 dentists by 2021.
. And we're in it for the long run. We want to build long-lasting partnerships with dentists, based on mutual trust, quality and the highest attention to details. We listen, we adapt, and we provide you with only the best